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Northern Lights

Northern Lights

  • What are the Northern Lights? The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, occur when clouds of gas from solar activity meet the Earth's atmosphere. The effect is a spectacular light display of greens, red and blues, moving in curtain-like waves across the night sky.
  • Northern Lights Facts: They're so bright they can make the landscape looks as though it's daytime in the middle of the night, and create an eerie, beautiful atmosphere that must be experienced at least once. They're more visible the closer you get to the North Pole, and especially in the autumn and winter months, when the nights are longer.

The winter is the best season to see the aurora, thanks to increased solar activity, so book a Northern Lights break to Reykjavik, and see the phenomenon for yourself.

Where can you see them?

Iceland's dramatic landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the display, and the short flight from the UK means it is often hailed as the top Northern Lights holiday destination.

Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik, promises stunning views of the Northern lights, both over the city and in the surrounding countryside, shining over the mountainous skyline. Taking a tour once you're in the city can mean you might catch them while standing in the middle of a lava field, relaxing in a steaming outdoor hot tub, or driving through the rural villages of the region, where there are fewer street lights to block the display.

Reykjavik breaks

While a Reykjavik holiday to see the Northern Lights means your nights will probably be packed with activities, the city is also a spectacular place to explore during the day. Visit the national Museum of Iceland, and the stunning Reykjavik Cathedral, Hallgrímskirkja, designed to resemble the lava flows which created Iceland's sweeping landscape, and built with the volcanic basalt rock from the region. Take a tour of the geysers and lava pools, and bathe in the famous Blue Lagoon volcanic waters.

Where To Stay To See The Northern Lights

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